Reporting WIC Fraud

There are two types of potential WIC fraud which may be reported to the WIC State Agency. 

WIC Participant Fraud: 

WIC Participant Fraud may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Dual Participation which includes:
    • Receiving WIC benefits from more than one site at the same time
    • Receiving WIC benefits in more than one State at the same time
    • Receiving CSFP (Commodity Supplemental Foods Program) benefits and WIC benefits at the same time
  • Making a verbal offer of sale to another individual or allowing someone else to do so
  • Posting WIC foods or benefits for sale in print (in newspapers or publications) or allowing someone else to do so
  • Posting WIC foods or benefits for sale on the internet (through websites such as craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, etc.) or allowing someone else to do so
  • Making false or misleading statements or intentionally misrepresenting, concealing or withholding facts to obtain WIC benefits
  • Attempted or actual returning or exchanging of WIC EBT card/CVVs or supplemental foods for cash, credit, non-food items, non-WIC foods or WIC foods in amounts other than those listed on the participant's WIC EBT card/CV
  • Redeeming WIC EBT card/CVVs that were reported stolen, burned, damaged or lost.
  • Giving away WIC Food Benefits or WIC EBT card/CVVs to someone other than an enrolled participant.
  • Altering WIC EBT card/CVVs in any way.
  • Other actions involving WIC EBT cardCVVs in violation of Louisiana WIC policy

WIC Vendor or Grocery Store Fraud:

WIC Vendor Fraud may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Knowingly exchanging or refunding money for WIC food items
  • Exchanging WIC EBT card/CVVs for money
  • Giving rain checks, IOUs or crediting personal accounts
  • Allowing WIC participants to purchase less than the total WIC food package
  • Failing to fill out the dollar amount of the transaction in front of the WIC participant
  • Charging higher prices for WIC food items to WIC participants
  • Allowing WIC participants to purchase more food than the total food package
  • Redeeming WIC EBT card/CVVs for an unauthorized vendor

If you suspect a WIC Participant or a WIC Vendor has committed fraud, there are three ways you can report this to the WIC State Agency for investigation.

1.  Call the WIC State Agency at 504-568-8229

2.  Complete the Online Fraud Form and submit it to the WIC State Agency.


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