Health Standards Section Rulemaking


This web page contains administrative rulemaking documents promulgated by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), Health Standards Section (HSS) and published in the Louisiana Register by the Division of Administration (DOA), Office of State Register.  Title 48 of the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) contains the Rules governing the licensing and/or certification of health care facilities/programs. All Rules promulgated by the LDH/HSS can be found on the DOA, Office of State Register’s website.


Note: Prior to November 10, 2023, all HSS rulemaking activity was published on the Bureau of Health Services Financing (Medicaid) rulemaking website. To access postings prior to November 10, 2023, please click here.


Health Standards Section Administrative Rulemaking Activity

Pursuant to R.S. 49:950 et seq., the Louisiana Administrative Procedure Act, the Louisiana Department of Health, HSS gives public notice that the agency is intending to take a particular action, adopt policy, or establish regulations through the administrative rulemaking process. Questions regarding HSS administrative rulemaking activity may be directed to Dr. Cynthia York at


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