State Registry of Public Animal Shelters

                                                    Louisiana Animal Registry Law -2016

     All public animal shelters owned and operated, or designated for the purpose of impoundment of animals by any parish, municipality, or other subdivision of the state, are asked to register their agency/shelter on or before the first day of February of each calendar year.

     To register your shelter, please complete the online Louisiana Animal Shelter Registry form .  The form can be completed online or can be filled out manually (See attached LA Shelter Registry Manual Form) and faxed to 504-568-8290, att. LAWC, emailed to, or mailed to LAWC, 17732 Highland Road Suite G-Box 237, Baton Rouge, LA 70810. 

     The registration includes a request for a narrative stating whether your municipality or parish has adopted or is planning to adopt an ordinance establishing minimum standards for animal shelters within the jurisdiction to comply with standards listed in the Louisiana Revised Statutes (See Louisiana R.S. 3:2461).  A second narrative is requested asking to report your shelter’s efforts to comply with mandatory spay/neuter laws and the methods of ensuring compliance employed by your shelter (See Louisiana R.S. 3:2472).

     Also, please visit the Shelter Animals Count website for steps on how to complete the Basic Animal Data Matrix  If you are unable to complete the matrix online, please fill out the BASIC ANIMAL MATRIX DATA Excel spreadsheet (can also be also be printed and filled in manually, see attached templates) and send the spreadsheet to LAWC either on a monthly basis or at year end (deadline: February 1, 2018).  Again, the spreadsheet can be faxed to 504-568-8290, att. LAWC, emailed to, or mailed to LAWC, 17732 Highland Road Suite G-Box 237, Baton Rouge, LA 70810. 

     The information provided will permit LAWC to employ a complete, detailed, and accurate reporting process and create a streamlined statewide reporting system.  These statistics will permit an in-depth analysis of the shelter operations in the state. 

Note:  It is the opinion of LAWC that euthanasia rate reduction alone is NOT an accurate reflection of a shelter’s effectiveness or of the success or failure of efforts by the individual shelter to promote spay/neuter, responsible pet ownership, public education, etc.  The commission realizes that several factors must be examined to appropriately evaluate shelter performance.  These statistics, although subject to public information laws, will NEVER be utilized in a public evaluation of individual shelter quality or effectiveness, and will only be reported publicly in aggregate form.

LAWC truly appreciates your cooperation.