Stories After Abortion

Abortion is permanent, which is why it is so important that you know there are other options if you don’t want to parent. Many women come to regret their abortions, whether that be immediately or later in life. Some experience depression while others struggle with anxiety or anger. Before making such a life-altering decision, please consider the stories below.

Bobbie Jones: New Orleans resident “I had an abortion in 1972 and suffered emotionally, physically, and spiritually for 12 years. At age 40, I reached my lowest point and wanted to commit suicide. At that time, I realized that I needed to reconsider my abortion decision and forgive myself for ending the life of my baby.”

Anna: “My mom forced me to have an abortion when I was 15 years old. I thought about adoption. My mom said, “abortion would let me get on with my life.” I’ve never been the same, dropped out of school, and still think about my baby. I know if I would’ve done adoption, my baby would’ve been in someone’s arms today and not thrown away. Abortion never erased the fact that I was pregnant. It only took the life of my baby and broke my heart. Both of us could’ve gone on with our lives...” Note: Named changed due to confidentiality

Tina: “The day I had the abortion, I too was destroyed. The grief inside me was a small root that I had no idea existed, but it grew like cancer over the years. I tried to self-medicate but it was just a band-aid. The band-aid helped for little while. And then it would hurt again.”

Cindy Collins: “I was in college. I wasn’t told what abortion would do to my baby and to me. After the abortion I was never the same. Abortion added to my problems. I quit school, drank heavily, started doing drugs, and got into destructive relationships. I became pregnant again and had multiple abortions...something I thought I would never do. My own worth and value changed because of the deep pain and regret. Looking back, I became someone I did not recognize. Years later, after marriage, I had a miscarriage and infertility because of abortion.”

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