Understanding CSoC

CSoC is about a core set of values as well as about ensuring services and supports are delivered to young people with significant behavioral health challenges and their families.

A child/young person might be able to be enrolled in CSoC if he/she:

  • is 5 - 20 years old
  • is at risk for out of home placement  or is already placed out of home
  • has a mental health or co-occurring disorder
  • lives in Louisiana

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Children enrolled in CSoC are assigned a worker called a Wraparound Facilitator.  The child and family will work with the facilitator to develop a plan of care with a team of people.  The plan can include services and supports to meet their behavioral health needs as well as other needed services and supports that affect their wellbeing.

Supports and Services

There are four specialized services that are available to children and families enrolled in CSoC if they are needed.  These services are in addition to other services the family may be receiving.

Parent Support and Training

This service connects families with people who are caregivers for children with similar challenges.  Parent Support staff provide support to families and help families develop skills.  Parent Support staff also provide information and education to families and help families connect with other supports in the community.

Youth Support and Training

Young people who have been involved in behavioral health services or other child-serving systems in the past provide support, mentoring, coaching and skill development to children and youth enrolled in CSoC.  This service works with the child or youth at home and in community locations. This service helps the children and youth enrolled in CSoC to develop skills and abilities needed to overcome challenges.

Parent Support and Training and Youth Support and Training services are provided by the Family Support Organization (FSO): Behavioral Services of Louisiana

Short Term Respite Care

Respite is designed to help meet the needs of the caregiver and the child. The respite provider cares for the youth or child in the child's home or a community setting to give the caregiver/guardian a break.  Children or youth in CSoC can receive up to 300 hours of respite each year.  This service helps to reduce stressful situations. Respite may be planned or provided on an emergency basis.

Independent Living and Skills Building

This service helps children or youth who need assistance moving into adulthood.  Children or youth learn skills that help them in their home and community.  Children or youth learn to be successful with work, housing, school and community life.