Viral Respiratory Diseases Detection and Containment in Long-term Care Facilities Workshops 2019

The Infectious Disease Epidemiology Section (IDEpi) of the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) presented three workshops titled “Viral Respiratory Diseases Detection and Containment in Long-term Care Facilities.”

These were half-day educational workshops targeting infection preventionists employed in long-term care settings as well as infectious disease personnel across the provider spectrum who have roles in infection surveillance and reporting.

Learner Resources* 


"Round Up"

"Spur into Action"

"Lassoing the Beast"

"The Devil is in the Details"            Part A:  Antivirals      Part B:  Environmental Cleaning

"Saddle Up for Success"


This workshop covered infection control and public health coordination strategies that will protect patients in this setting type.

*The speakers do not have financial or non-financial relationships with any commercial interests that would create conflicts of interest with these presentations.