Waiver Services: Children's Choice

Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities Districts/Authorities/Local Regional Offices (SYSTEM ENTRY ONLY) For contact information, click here.


Child must be on the DD Request for Services Registry, less than 19 years old, disabled according to SSI criteria, require ICF/DD level of care, have income less than 3 times SSI amount, resources less than $2,000 and meet all Medicaid non-financial requirements.


  • Center Based Respite
  • Environmental Accessibility Adaptation
  • Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Family Training
  • Professional Services: Aquatic Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Sensory Integration, Hippotherapy/Therapeutic Horseback Riding
  • Housing Stabilization/ Housing Stabilization Transition -Crisis and Non-Crisis Provisions


There is a $20,200 limit per individual plan year. ($1500 for Case Management balance for other services).

* Call the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities or local Districts/Authorities for status on the Request for Services Registry.

Complaints Line:



Tracy Joshua-Guy (225) 342-0943