WIC Vendor Alerts

The partnership between the Louisiana WIC Program and WIC-authorized vendors is an intergral component of a successful nutrition program.

Effective communication and educational resources are essential tools which serve to foster positive working relationships between vendors, the WIC State Agency, local agency WIC staff and WIC Participants.

Vendor Alerts are released at various times throughout the year on an as needed basis. These alerts are posted as new and immediate developments in WIC Vendor policy and procedural changes occurring througout the year.  Check this website frequently to make sure you are up to date on all Vendor Alerts.

Below are the links to the latest Vendor Alerts. We hope that you find these helpful to you and your staff for ensuring that WIC clients receive the correct type of WIC foods in the month they are intended to be received.

Thank You!      
WIC State Agency Vendor Unit


  • WIC Vendor Applications will only be reviewed where there exists a need to increase/enhance coverage for WIC Authorized Foods.