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Michael Harrington

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As secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health, Michael Harrington leads the state’s largest agency with a budget of $19.8 billion and a team responsible for delivering services to millions of Louisianans. LDH protects and promotes health for Louisiana residents through services provided by Medicaid and the Offices of Public Health, Behavioral Health, Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, Aging and Adult Services, Women’s Health and Community Health, and Emergency Preparedness. These programs work to ensure access to medical, preventative, and rehabilitative services for Louisiana’s most vulnerable residents.

The Secretary provides leadership and technical support services, while maximizing resources, in order to fulfill the mission of the Department.

The following report directly to the Secretary:

Deputy Secretary serves as the chief operating officer of LDH and acts as spokesperson for the Department in the absence of the Secretary. The Deputy Secretary is the coordinator for LDH's Human Services Interagency Council (HSIC) and is solely responsible for direct supervision over the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities; Office of Behavioral Health; Office of Public Health; Office of Aging and Adult Services; and Office of Women's Health and Community Health.  

Undersecretary oversees the State Medicaid program, as well as eight administrative divisions with departmental responsibilities for budget preparation, financial planning, purchasing, personnel, accounting, data processing and development of strategic and operational plans.

Office of Public Health develops, provides and assures public and environmental health services to protect and enhance the health of Louisiana citizens. Now functioning under the Office of Public Health, the Bureau of Primary Care and Rural Health works to support the development of healthcare in underserved areas of the state by identifying resources to improve the health services, fostering networks of care and recruiting health care professionals.

External Relations efforts are led by the Bureau of Marketing and Communications (BMAC) and the Legislative and Governmental Relations (LGR) section of the Office of the Secretary.

Bureau of Legal Services provides a complete range of legal assistance to LDH, its programs and facilities.