Not Ready to Parent? That’s OK!

Sometimes we just might not be ready for what life throws at us. Adoption is a great way for you to continue your life’s plan and give your child a future of hope.  It’s a loving choice!

Adoption Is Love, Not Abandonment

In adoption, a mother never gives up on her child.  Instead, she places her child with the loving family she chooses. -- Learn More

Adoption Is No Cost To You

When you make an adoption plan, all your medical expenses for your pregnancy, and many living expenses, are covered at no cost to you. -- Learn More

You Have Control Over Your Adoption Plan

You are able to pick the type of adoption you want, whether that is to stay in touch with the child and adopted family, or have complete confidentiality. -- Learn More

“Adoption Was The Best for Me.”

Other moms like you have faced this same situation, and decided adoption was best for them.  Read their stories! -- Learn More