Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

Welcome to the LDH Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness page!  This site is set up for LDH Emergency Preparedness Managers, LDH Safety Coordinators and LDH Safety Officers to obtain information regarding safety in the workplace and emergency preparedness planning.  Policy changes and updates will be provided through this website for our use within our program offices.

LDH Safety Coordinators 

Office of State Buildings and Bienville Building Rules

Emergency Preparedness Resource Links

Safety and Security Resource Links

Emergency Preparedness Documentation

Safety and Security Audit Supporting Documentation

Section 1.1:  General Safety

Section 1.2:  Safety Meetings and Training

Section 1.3:  Inspections

Section 1.4: Incident/Accident Investigations

Section 1.5:  Return to Work

Section 1.6:  Blood Borne Pathogens/First Aid

Section 1.7:  Emergency Preparedness Plan

Section 1.8:  Hazardous Materials

Section 2.1: Driver Safety Program

Section 2.2:  Inspection and Repair of State Owned Vehicles

Section 2.3:  Driver Training

Section 2.4:  Driver Record and Forms

Section 3.1: Bonds Crime, and Property Program

Section 3.2: Bonds Crime, and Property Employee Responsibility

Section 3.3: Security

Section 3.4:  Key Control

Section 4.1:  Equipment Management (Site/Office Specific)

Section 5.1:  Water Vessel (Site/Office Specific)

Section 6.1:  Flight Operations (None)