In January 2019, the Louisiana Department of Health created the Office of Community Partnerships & Health Equity. This office is focused on health equity and ensuring LDH’s services are equitably accessible and informed by the people, populations and communities it serves.

Health equity means every person in a community has a fair and just opportunity to reach their full health potential. The Office of Community Partnerships and Health Equity team is developing and implementing agency-wide health equity plans, protocols, and tools that support the implementation of health equity (and community engagement) practices and standards agency-wide within LDH.

Goal: Operationalize community engagement and health equity best practices and standards agency wide.

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Our Work

Office of Community Partnerships & Health Equity is leading the development of LDH’s first agency-wide health equity plans, while also supporting more robust and effective community engagement activities within LDH. The health equity plan will operationalize health equity practices and protocol — affecting all LDH offices, divisions and bureaus. The health equity plan is based on:

  • Public Health Professionalism: Informing individual behaviors and organization actions
  • Organizational Culture: Sharing, encouraging and supporting communicative strategies and professional development opportunities
  • Organizational Systems: Creating processes that operationalize and monitor health equity practices and protocols in LDH

The plan is accompanied with a Community Engagement Framework that supports the institutionalization of community engagement best practices agency-wide.

Ultimately, internal strategies, action-steps and results will be the core of health equity planning throughout LDH. The goal of the plan is to improve LDH professionalism, resulting in improved services and health outcomes of the people, populations and communities LDH serves.

The office also provides programmatic oversight to the Bureau of Minority Health Access and Promotion and supports the Office of Public Health’s national accreditation process.


Our Office Team Members

  • Deputy Director, Earl “Nupsius” Benjamin-Robinson, DrHSc
  • Senior Program Manager, Joynetta Kelly, MA
  • Program Monitor, Xavier Hoy, PhD
  • Student Intern, Gabrielle Williams, MPA
  • Director, Governor’s Council of Fitness, Rudy Macklin, BS
  • Program Manager, D’Andra Bradford Odom, MPA
  • Administrative Assistant, Latonya Johnson