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Louisiana’s Occupational Heat-Related Illness Prevention Program

Aiming to protect Louisiana workers and communities from the dangers of heat through data, research, collaboration, and education.

View our heat-related illness emergency department visits and deaths dashboards.

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Program Goals


Improve heat-related illness prevention and adaptation practices for workers and employers


Improve individual and community-level resilience to extreme heat

Why is this program important?

The frequency, severity, and duration of extreme heat events are increasing due to climate change. Warmer temperatures are of concern in Louisiana because we already have some of the highest temperatures in the nation. The effects of heat are compounded by high humidity. Sweat evaporates more slowly on humid days, reducing the body’s ability to cool.

Workers in physically demanding occupations are at risk for heat-related illness, injury, or fatality. Exposure to extreme heat also decreases workers' productivity and ability to work. These health and economic impacts have an enormous toll on workers, their families, and communities.

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Program Activities

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    We are developing a surveillance system that tracks heat-related illnesses, injuries, and fatalities in Louisiana workers and residents.

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    We are conducting and supporting research projects to analyze the impact of heat on Louisiana workers and communities.

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    We are working with local, state, and national partners to study heat-related health impacts in Louisiana.

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    • Our team is training Louisiana workers, employers, and community members how to prevent heat-related illness.
    • We are also providing specialized training to Louisiana health care workers on the identification, treatment, and prevention of heat-related health conditions.


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Program funded by CDC\NIOSH.