Louisiana 988 Helpline

All of us need help sometimes, free of stigma. An easy call or text to the Louisiana 988 helpline ensures everyone has confidential access to quality emotional support, no matter the cause. The helpline works and helps thousands of people every day. Learn more at Louisiana988.org.

Medicaid Renewals

Medicaid eligibility reviews for all members will be staggered over the next year. Make sure Louisiana Medicaid has your current contact info so you receive important information about keeping your health insurance coverage!

LDH Business Plan 2023

Invest: Teaming Up for a Stronger LDH and a Healthier Louisiana is the Louisiana Department of Health’s business plan for state fiscal year (FY) 2023 (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023). This plan builds on progress made under the FY 2022 business plan, which was reported in the Outcomes Report released with the 2023 business plan. In addition to deepening and learning from our efforts over the past year, LDH has set a new course for 2023 with ambitious initiatives and goals that will deliver results for Louisianans.

Stronger immunities build stronger communities

Thanks to routine vaccines, we can maintain stronger immune systems to protect against serious and preventable diseases. Learn about immunizations and the diseases they prevent, access your vaccine records and more.

Women's Health and Community Health

LDH's new Office of Women's Health and Community Health (OWHCH) is dedicated to improving women's health outcomes including needs throughout a woman's life, chronic or acute conditions, access to healthcare, how poverty impacts women's health, leading causes of morbidity and mortality, and health disparities.

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