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Reporting a Lead Case

Below is the required form for reporting a lead case. For more information about management of lead cases, visit the CDC website by clicking the link below.


Medical providers offering routine care to children ages 6 months to 72 months who reside or spend more than 10 hours per week in any Louisiana parish MUST have children screened in accordance with practices consistent with the current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Louisiana Medicaid guidelines and in compliance with Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) 48: V 7005, 7007 and 7009.


  1. Medical providers and laboratories are required to report all blood lead levels to the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program regardless of value.
  2. Blood lead levels 3.5ug/dL or greater should be reported immediately. Medical providers are required to submit the Lead Case Reporting Form immediately to LCLPPP.
  3. Follow the CDC Lead Poisoning Management Summary Chart (link to chart) to determine when a child needs a repeat blood lead level test, when to make a referral, or when an environmental inspection is needed.
  4. Fax the completed forms to the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at 225-242-0496.

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