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Safer, Smarter Schools

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The Louisiana Department of Health aims to support Louisiana schools by providing COVID-19 testing options at no cost to any school in the state with the shared goal to keep schools open and prevent outbreaks of COVID-19, who were amongst the last population to have access to vaccination. LDH has designed a participant incentive program that will encourage routine participation throughout the Fall 2021 School Year to the Spring 2022 School Year.

For Superintendents, School Administrators & School Board Members For Teachers & Staff For Parents & Students For Covid Coordinators

For questions about the incentive program, call 877-356-1511

What's a safer, smarter school? Dr. Patches has the answer!

Regular in-school testing for COVID-19 has proven to be a great way to reduce the risk, stop the spread and keep kids safe. And this video is a great way for your young ones to learn all about it. With a little help from "Dr. Patches," children will learn that with COVID testing, school kids stay safe. And school doors stay open.

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