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Safer, Smarter Schools

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LDH is pleased to report that the school-based testing program is returning for the 2022-23 school year. All public, private, and charter school districts will again have the option to register for COVID-19 screening testing. The options for the administration of tests will also remain the same.

If districts or schools are interested in registering for this program, they can visit this site to sign up.

For Superintendents, School Administrators & School Board Members For Teachers & Staff For Parents & Students For Covid Coordinators

For questions about the incentive program, call 877-356-1511

What's a safer, smarter school? Dr. Patches has the answer!

Regular in-school testing for COVID-19 has proven to be a great way to reduce the risk, stop the spread and keep kids safe. And this video is a great way for your young ones to learn all about it. With a little help from "Dr. Patches," children will learn that with COVID testing, school kids stay safe. And school doors stay open.

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