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COVID-19 Information

K-12 COVID testing program

Thanks to the hard work of teachers, students and health professionals, Louisiana has been able to keep schools safe and open during the last two years of the pandemic. While the K-12 COVID testing team is still available to provide COVID-19 related resources and services to all Louisiana schools, our program is changing for the 2023/2024 school year.

After successfully incentivizing approximately 40,000 staff and students and offering stipends to nearly 500 great educational institutions, Safer Smarter Schools is retiring its stipend and incentive program.

If you would like more information on how to get access to covid testing materials or request testing teams to visit your school-based health center, please contact

History of the Program For Covid Coordinators

For questions about the incentive program, call 877-356-1511

What's a safer, smarter school? Dr. Patches has the answer!

Regular in-school testing for COVID-19 has proven to be a great way to reduce the risk, stop the spread and keep kids safe. And this video is a great way for your young ones to learn all about it. With a little help from "Dr. Patches," children will learn that with COVID testing, school kids stay safe. And school doors stay open.

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    Can my staff conduct the testing ourselves?

    Testing materials can be provided by LDH with available online training.

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    Can our school have an LDH-approved lab administer the tests on site like in the past two years?

    LDH has not contracted with labs this year, and that option is no longer available. Schools are encouraged to order testing supplies and inquire after available trainings. Under some limited circumstances, short-term testing teams may be available.

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    What kinds of tests can our school order?

    The type and variety of tests will likely change throughout the year. However, testing materials will likely be OTC test kits like the kind you might see in a pharmacy or a similar test kit that allows for larger-scale testing.

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    Which schools are eligible?

    The program is free to public, private and charter schools, individually or within a school system

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    What should I do if I want my child to be tested in settings outside of the school?

    The Office of Public Health offers COVID-19 testing in parish health units in every parish. You can contact the COVID-19 testing team by sending an e-mail to for more information on these locations and contact information, or follow the link to their website: Parish Health Units

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    What guidance is LDH giving school leaders?