Juvenile Competency Restoration Program

What are juvenile competency restoration classes?

This is a course that educates alleged juvenile offenders on factual as well as rational understanding of the proceedings against them. The goal is that the juvenile will be able to adequately assist his/her attorney in their defense.

Will competency restoration classes help my case?

Competency restoration classes will not determine the outcome of a case. However, it will help the individual understand the allegations and process of the legal system.

Who receives competency restoration services?

Any child involved in the juvenile court system can be court ordered by the judge to receive competency restoration classes.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The length of the course varies based on the individual’s need.  On average a course can be completed within eight weeks. For a child who takes the course for a second time it could be completed very quickly. If a child has reading difficulties or a learning disability it may take a little longer.

What happens to an individual if he/she does not comprehend the legal process, but has completed the course?

At the completion of the course, the competency restoration provider informs all parties involved of the outcome of the classes. The child’s attorney will then proceed based on the individual case.