Above 50% WIC Vendor

How is the statewide average computed?

The federal rules require the Louisiana WIC Program to add the submitted prices for each food item redeemed by all Vendors authorized to redeem WIC food instruments, excluding the above 50% Vendors. The total submitted price value is divided by the number of Vendors submitting a price for that food item to obtain the statewide averages. The above 50% Vendors were excluded from the calculation of averages in accordance with the federal rule.

How can I determine what the statewide average is?

The statewide averages for each food item have been posted on our website. Please see the WIC Vendor Statewide Average Price Reports located at the bottom of this web page.

What time period will be used to determine if I have exceeded the statewide average?

Payments will be compared to the statewide average price for each food item on a monthly basis. The statewide average prices are valid for the month following the one posted. For example, the average food item prices for January, 2008 will be used for purchases made during the month of February, 2008.

What will happen if my redemptions for any period of time exceed the statewide average?

If any food item price is redeemed for amounts above the statewide average, your store will have to pay a refund to the WIC Program for the amount that is above the average. If your store continues to charge amounts higher than the averages, your authorization as a WIC vendor may be terminated.

Why can’t Louisiana allow the above 50% Vendors to charge what they have always charged and compete with similar grocery stores, not all grocery stores?

The federal rules require Louisiana to compute the statewide average by using submitted food item prices for all WIC food instruments at all Vendor locations authorized to redeem WIC food instruments, excluding the above 50% Vendors. If Louisiana does not comply, it can be required to repay from Louisiana’s general revenue fund paid to above 50% vendors that exceed the statewide average and could also face loss of federal funding.