What is respite care?

Respite care provides a temporary break for caregivers from their regular caregiving responsibilities.  Respite care can be planned or emergency care.

From time to time, families with caregiving responsibilities need opportunities for a break from caring for their loved one.

We are here to help you find respite opportunities so you have time to relax and rejuvenate.

We have resources for family caregivers of:

  • Children with special needs or disabilities;
  • Adults with special needs, disabilities, or conditions associated with aging.
  • Adults with life-threatening conditions or disorders i.e., end stage cancer


Why is Respite Important?

Many caregivers are not fully aware of the short-term and long-term consequences of “doing it alone” because they are so overwhelmed with managing daily tasks and responsibilities. When caregivers use respite services they are better able to preserve the quality of their own daily life and enhance overall family life.

Where can respite take place?

Respite can be provided in a variety of settings so that caregivers can select the type that best suits their needs as well as the needs of the care recipient.

Where can I find respite care?

You can click on Louisiana Answers to access a respite care self-search that will allow you to look for respite care.

You can also call LouisianaAnswers at (225) 342-7100 and talk with a representative. S/he will help you locate respite care providers who meet your needs, and help you explore possible funding options to help pay for care.


How can I pay for respite care?

Some families can afford to pay either a sitter in their home or out of home in a center or adult day health care facility. However most families cannot afford respite on their own. To find a source of funding that may possibly help you fund respite. click here

How can I be sure a respite provider will provide good care?

As the person employing a respite care provider, it is your responsibility to determine how qualified the person or agency is to care for your loved one. Many organizations must meet licensing requirements so you can check with their regulatory agency to see if they have had any problems or are in good standing. For individuals, a criminal background check is recommended. In either case, visiting with the care provider and getting recommendations is a must.