Baton Rouge --- The Department of Health and Hospitals, Office of Public Health has rescinded the swimming advisory for Cypremort Point State Park Beach. The decision was made after water samples taken during the past two weeks showed the area’s water quality has improved sufficiently to meet Louisiana’s BEACH program bacteriological water quality compliance standards.

This means the swimming advisory issued on Friday, June 25, is no longer in effect. The public should be aware that there is currently no advisory against swimming at Cypremort Point Beach. 

LDH Office of Public Health staff within the Louisiana BEACH Monitoring program have closely tracked water quality at Cypremort Beach.

The Louisiana BEACH program uses established water quality criteria to classify beach sampling locations as In Compliance or Out of Compliance. The water quality at sampling locations classified as In Compliance meet water quality criteria. Sampling locations classified as Out of Compliance” indicate water quality criteria have beenexceeded and swimming or other activities that may result in water ingestion may pose an increased risk of disease, particularly for susceptible individuals

The goal of the Louisiana’s BEACH program is to provide the public with the necessary information to allow them to make informed choices about whether or not to enter the water.

The public should be aware that while swimming in Louisiana waters, the Department of Heath and Hospitals advises people to swim at their own risk. Learn more about the Louisiana Beach monitoring program at our Web site:  www.


For more information, please contact: Stephen Locke, Office of Public Health, 6867 Bluebonnet Blvd., Box 16, Baton Rouge, LA 70810; Phone: (225) 763-3547; FAX: (225) 763-3553; E-mail: