Baton Rouge --- Love shrimp remoulade but hate the calories? The Department of Health can help. Staff from the LDH-Office of Public Health have developed a“Healthier Cajun Cooking” link on the Department’s Web site, which offers healthier versions of traditional Louisiana dishes, from crawfish fettuccine to pralines, and provides a wealth of current nutritional information.


DHH-OPH employees developed the link during the 2003 South Central Public Health Leadership Institute, operated through the Tulane University School of Public Health. The group decided that because obesity is a problem both in the country and in Louisiana, it would be useful to create a Web-based resource that can be used to improve the nutritional quality of Cajun-style food so people can eat well and stay healthy.


“In Louisiana, food is not just something we eat, it is a cultural pastime and way of life,” said LDH Secretary Dr. Frederick P. Cerise. “This can make it even harder to combat the obesity epidemic here than in other states. Hopefully, our citizens will use this link to realize they can eat the foods they love and still practice healthy eating habits.”


The site features recipes (starting with how to make a roux, of course), a history and background of Cajun cuisine, nutritional information from the Harvard University School of Public Health and healthy eating tips. In addition, viewers can have questions answered through “Ask the Cajun Chef,” a feature that allows people to e-mail Chef Patrick Mould about Cajun-style cooking.


Another feature on the site, “Ask The Nutritionist,” allows viewers to submit their own recipes to be analyzed for fat, carbs, sodium, protein, cholesterol and fiber. The “Submit a Healthier Cajun Recipe” feature is where professional chefs and amateurs alike are encouraged to submit their own recipes to share with the public through this Web site, with the goal of ultimately reducing obesity levels and helping people live healthier lives.


To learn more about how to please both your taste buds and your waistline, visit the Web site at