The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from qualified proposers who will operate a SPOE office in one or more of the ten (10) LDH/OCDD “regions” which can be identified at The SPOEs shall be responsible for initial Support Coordination, the eligibility determination and enrollment process for each referred child and family into the EarlySteps program, and the completion of the initial Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) for each eligible child and family in EarlySteps Louisiana’s IDEA-Part C system. After eligibility is established, ongoing service coordination shall be provided by Family Support Coordinators (FSC) with enrolled Family Support Coordination agencies.  The FSC agencies continually update the SPOE with information to enter into the data system. The SPOE shall be the only entity responsible for day-to-day maintenance of the child’s electronic record in the Early Intervention Data System (EIDS).     

Up to Ten contracts are necessary to provide ten SPOEs for all children referred (approximately 10,000 referrals statewide per year) to the EarlySteps System. The Contractor will be responsible for providing Intake Service Coordination during the referral process and eligibility determination of each referred child.  Approximately 4,600 eligible children are anticipated for entry following eligibility determination. The SPOE will be responsible for providing ongoing Family Service Coordination in the event of personnel shortages. The cumulative total of eligible children for FY 2013 was approximately 9,000 statewide. Specific responsibilities of the SPOE shall include: operate a referral, orientation, and intake process; coordinate the eligibility determination process; assess family concerns, priorities, and resources and develop the initial IFSP; facilitate activities which support a team-based model; issue service authorizations; establish and maintain record keeping system; hire and train staff; ensure that all licensing and training requirements are met; ensure quality of data  reporting and quality assurance and establish location of an active office with full time personnel.