The Louisiana Department of Health (DHH) is highly committed to administering the Medicaid program with integrity and, as stewards of public dollars, will not tolerate fraudulent, wasteful or abusive behavior. Through a realignment of DHH’s fraud, waste and abuse system to better fit DHH’s current health care delivery models (fee-for-service and managed care), LDH hopes to significantly increase cost avoidance and recoveries.

LDH intends to enter into contract(s) with one or more vendors that are capable of demonstrating delivery of a comprehensive post-payment review operation. That operation should provide state of the art technologies, effective and efficient policies and processes, along with expert staff to combat fraud, waste and abuse, which will protect the fiscal integrity of the Louisiana Medicaid program.

Responders are encouraged to propose efficient options for providing solutions that enable Louisiana Medicaid to reach its goals, including recommending what resources will be required such as information technology infrastructure, state staff time, or other resources. Responders should address both the operating system component as well as the local staff augmentation component in this Request For Information (RFI).

This RFI is issued as a means of technical discovery and information gathering. It is for planning purposes only, and should not be construed as a solicitation for services or a request for proposals (RFP), nor should it be construed as an obligation on the part of the state to purchase services. This RFI is not a means of pre-qualifying vendors for any subsequently issued RFP related to this RFI.