Baton Rouge – The Louisiana Department of Health is issuing a warning to food establishment owners about a false advisory in circulation which states food establishments are required by state and federal regulations to post hand-washing signs. 

The source of the advisory has been identified as Labor Law Posters out of Michigan, which offers to sell the signs to the recipient of the notice at high prices.  The company references the “Louisiana Food Service Compliance Center,” which is a fake agency that is being used as a front to deceive restaurant owners into believing they are required to purchase hand-washing signs.

This advisory is considered particularly damaging due to the expensive nature of the signs and the pretense that they are required by both the FDA and state health codes.  The advisory also states that if establishments do not post these signs, they will be subject to fines and penalties.   Attempts to contact the source have proved difficult due to anonymous P.O. boxes and out-of-state phone numbers.

While hand-washing signs are encouraged to promote cleanliness in food establishments, they are not required.  If an owner wishes to post hand-washing signs, one may be downloaded and printed for free from .  Similar signs can also be found online from other sources for free.

Please also note that even though hand-washing signs are not required, the act of hand washing in food establishments is a requirement in the Louisiana Administrative Code Title 51 Public Health.

Anyone with questions concerning this issue may contact state sanitarians at their local parish health unit.