Registration of Foods, Drugs, Cosmetics andProphylactic Devices
LAC 49:501, 503, 509, 511, 515, 517, 519, 521, 523, 525, 527, 529 and LAC 51.VI.301

December 10, 2019

This rule is being proposed to implement a regulatory framework for industrial hemp-derived cannabidiol products (IHDCP) in accordance with directives of Subsection J of Section 1382 of Title 3 of the Revised Statutes of 1950, enacted as part of Act 164 of the 2019 Louisiana Legislature.

Contact Information: Michael Vidrine, Director, Sanitarian Services, P.O. Box 4489, Baton Rouge, LA  70821.

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Notice of Intent:  Proposed Rule Dec. 2019 La. Register