The Louisiana Department of Health has updated its website to reflect the latest number of COVID-19 positives and will continue to update its website at noon each day. As of noon on April 17, the Department reported 586 additional cases, bringing the total to 23,118 positive cases.

This afternoon you may notice a slight change in the regional hospital bed availability. The Department of Health has removed tier 2 behavioral health beds from the total bed counts as these beds would not be used for COVID-19 patients. This adjustment gives a more accurate reflection of bed availability in each region.

During the federal and state declared Public Health Emergency, Louisiana Medicaid is keeping members covered. Current Medicaid members will not lose coverage for any reason other than death, permanently moving out of state, or requesting an end to their coverage. Some members may have received a notice saying their coverage was going to end on April 30, but even people who received this letter will not lose coverage. These members will receive another letter stating that health care coverage will continue.

CARES Act Stimulus Funding Eligibility Impact: The federal stimulus check issued under the CARES Act will not impact Medicaid eligibility. For long term care recipients, this exclusion applies for 12 months.

For Medicaid questions email or call 888-342-6207.