The Louisiana Department of Health on Wednesday has launched a pilot in Baton Rouge, in response to COVID-19 to help facilities with acute healthcare staffing shortages fill those vacancies with qualified candidates who are otherwise out of work.

The Department has launched its pilot, Louisiana Health Work Connect, in Baton Rouge with plans for a subsequent statewide rollout. The Baton Rouge area, with its 35 hospitals and 36 nursing homes, has been one of the hardest hit in the state in the pandemic. Any qualified nursing home or hospital in the Baton Rouge area can participate in the program, and eligible facilities have received details on how to join from Region 2's Public Health Office.

How does it work?  
  1. Interested healthcare workers submit their information and qualifications using this form.
  2. Participating healthcare facilities regularly update the Department on their staffing needs. 
  3. The Department provides a list of candidates to facilities tailored to their staffing needs. 
  4. A participating facility then contacts a healthcare worker to begin the hiring process. 

“This program was built entirely by a team of volunteers from the U.S. Digital Response in coordination with LDH. The Department also partnered with the U.S. Civilian Corps to conduct targeted outreach to high-priority health care providers,” said Dr. Alex Billioux, the assistant secretary of the Office of Public Health. “Louisiana Health Work Connect is an example of many dedicated individuals across organizations pulling together to help our state fight back against COVID-19.” 

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