The Louisiana Department of Health came to an agreement with the owners of Peking Buffet, located at 1300 North Vienna Street in Ruston, which will allow the restaurant to reopen following its closure due to excessive non-compliance with Gov. John Bel Edwards’ COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

Peking Buffet was ordered to close on August 14 after a temporary restraining order was issued by the Third Judicial District of Louisiana.

As part of the agreement, the owners of Peking Buffet must shift from self-service to service by its staff who will wear face coverings while serving customers.

The owners have also agreed to establish a one-way flow of traffic to prevent congregating of customers, add markers in the buffet line to promote social distancing and place a plexiglass or similar solid barrier on the customer side of the buffet counter.

The restaurant will be allowed to reopen under these stipulations but will be ordered to close should the stipulations not be followed.