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Portable X-Ray Suppliers are not licensed by the State of Louisiana. Suppliers may choose to enroll as participants in Medicare, in order to bill Medicare directly, through applying for certification by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).The survey (inspection) for this determination is done on behalf of CMS by the individual State Survey Agencies. The functions the State performs for CMS under the agreements in Section 1864 of the Social Security Act (the Act) are referred to collectively as the certification process.

Health Standards Section (HSS) is the CMS State Survey Agency for Louisiana.

Initial certification surveys for Portable X-Ray Suppliers are classified as "Tier 4 Workload, " with Tier 1 being the highest priority. Suppliers may submit PRIORITY EXCEPTION REQUESTS due to serious healthcare access considerations or similar special circumstances.

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In order to participate in the Medicare program, a certification survey must be performed by HSS. The surveyor will inspect equipment, interview staff members, and review documents to evaluate the extent to which Conditions for Coverage are met.

If the owner of the portable x-ray equipment is not a physician, the supplier must provide certification, as described in §486.102 (a)(2) completed by a supervising physician that is qualified in accordance with §486.102 (b) of the Conditions for Coverage.

New suppliers must be in operation and providing services to patients when surveyed for certification.


No fees are required.

Applying for Certification

Federal Regulations and Guidelines:

Title 42 of The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR) lists the Conditions for Coverage of Portable X-Ray Suppliers in Part 486, Subpart C.

e-CFR Conditions for Coverage: Portable X-Ray Services

The Medicare State Operations Manual, Appendix D, contains information about the survey process and interpretive guidelines of federal regulations.

Medicare State Operations Manual Appendix D



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