About Swimming Advisories

You will know that your beach is being monitored as a part of this program when you see the folded sign.

Safe Status Sign

Whenever the state health officer has determined that an area is so polluted as to constitute a menace to health, the sign below shall be conspicuously posted declaring the area as unsuitable for swimming, in addition to the standing "swim at your own risk" notice for all Louisiana waters.

High Level Alert Status

Louisiana's beaches are predominantly used by local and state residents and notification of the advisory will be targeted at those groups. When indicator organism densities exceed the bacteriological criteria, LDH will immediately issue an advisory. To inform the public that an advisory has been issued, LDH will post the advisory at the beach by flipping the sign located at the sampling location to display the advisory.

An advisory will not be removed until bacteria levels at the sampling location again meet bacteriological water quality criteria.