EMS Examinations

The Louisiana Bureau of EMS is responsible for the administration of the NREMT psychomotor examination. Upon the successful completion of an approved Initial EMS Course, students are eligible to sit for the psychomotor exam. The Bureau of EMS exam team makes every effort to ensure a fair and objective exam.

Please direct EMS Exam inquiries to EMS.Examination@la.gov 


Exam Compact

The Bureau of EMS has implemented specific policies and procedures in order to provide an optimal psychomotor exam environment relative to test security, validity, and reliability. Candidates must review and agree to the Exam Compact linked below. The candidate must bring a signed copy of the Exam Compact to the exam. Candidates without a signed compact will not be permitted to sit for the exam.

Click here for the Exam Compact


Exam Pricing




Advanced EMT


Full Psychomotor Exam (In-State)





Psychomotor Exam Re-test (In-State)





Full Psychomotor Exam (Out-of-State)





Psychomotor Exam Re-test (Out-of-State)













Exam Schedule

Currently scheduled exam dates can be found on the Bureau of EMS calendar.

CLICK HERE to view the calendar.