Management Administrative Reporting Subsystem

The Management Administrative Reporting Subsystem (MARS) is responsible for the day-to-day reporting operations for Medicaid data.  Medicaid data is used throughout the department, public and private sectors. 


MARS serves as the lead responsible for all data reporting.  The data reported is the Medicaid Program Data for the State of Louisiana, as required by State and Federal regulations and as required by entities within and outside of LDH to explain and support the Medicaid budget and expenditures.  Computerized functions are performed on mainframe computer, under contract with the Medicaid Fiscal Intermediary, with links to PC software for high level Data Warehouse.  The MARS team has taken the core function of reports design and data querying functions.  In addition to the development and implementation of an agency own Executive Information System (EIS) and Decision Support System (DSS) to for specialized reporting.


To request Medicaid data or reports, please contact the office at 225.342.3855.