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Medical Home & Care Coordination for Families and Caregivers


A medical home is not a building or a place. It is a way a medical team works together to make sure your child gets all the services they need. In a medical home, clinic staff will help you get appointments with specialists and make sure your child's medical records transfer over so they will know how to provide care. Coordinated care is valuable to all patients, but is essential for meeting the needs of children and teens with special health care needs. Going to a medical home clinic will help make sure they are finding the best ways to with their disability so they can live independent and self-sufficient life.

Youth Health Transition (YHT) is care coordination for emerging adults as they change from a pediatric to an adult model of care. Conversations about YHT should start as when your child is 12 years old. As your child gets closer to changing over to a new doctor, they should become more involved in conversations with their medical providers. These services help youth take control of their health so they can reach their full potential.

In order to have a smooth transition of care, children and teens should receive support from their doctors and family members on topics such as:

  • Acquiring independent life skills
  • Preparing for the kinds of health care they’ll need as adults
  • Transferring to new providers without disruption of care

There are many benefits to making sure your child receives YHT services. Youth who successfully transition to adult care will:

  • Have an easier time accessing health care
  • Increase their ability to live independently
  • Increase the likelihood of reaching social milestones
  • Decrease health care costs


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