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Information for making optimal data-driven decisions is readily available and utilized to drive decisions that support the accomplishment of health goals, shapes policies, and assure cost effective systems that provide positive outcomes.


To serve as the state's health systems "Knowledge Resource" that drives data-based policy development and program accountability.

Louisiana Medical Disclosure Requirements

LA R.S. 40:1299.40(E) requires the Secretary of the Department of Health (LDH) to determine which risks and hazards related to medical care and surgical procedures must be disclosed by a physician or other health care provider to a patient or person authorized to give consent for a patient as well as to establish the general form and substance of such disclosure. The lists and related information regarding the required disclosures for medical treatments and surgical procedures promulgated by LDH pursuant to the referenced statute are located at Louisiana Administrative Code Title 48, Part I, Chapter 23, which may be viewed here .

Medical Disclosure Panel

The Medical Disclosure Panel is presently revising medical risk disclosure requirements as mandated by Louisiana Revised Statutes 40:1157.2. The current Informed Consent Rule is still in effect pending the panels' final review and the new Rule is promulgated. While the procedures and risks are not available in an online database, the rule in effect now is available and can be located in Chapter 23 of Title 48:I, Public Health - General (Book 1 of 2) the Louisiana Administrative Code which is found here.

Please address any questions or comments regarding the medical disclosure requirements to Bethany Blackson 225-342-4773.