State Epidemiologist

The Infectious Disease Epidemiology section is staffed by Public Health Epidemiologists and support staff who act as disease detectives to track the causes and consequences of infectious diseases. The purpose of this section is to study the distribution of infectious diseases in the community and to carry out or coordinate programs that prevent the spread of communicable diseases.The goal of the State Epidemiologist is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in Louisiana.


Although epidemiological studies contributed to the establishment of the Louisiana Board of Health in 1855, a full time epidemiological team was not established until 1955. In July of 1954, the State Health Officer authorized the development of a full time epidemiological team composed of specialists from the basic public health disciplines. The function of the team was to assist the parish health unit personnel in investigating cases of communicable diseases, to conduct special epidemiological studies, and to assist with epidemiology educational programs.

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