Fairview Treatment Center's Medically-Supported Detoxification Unit

Fairview Treatment Center provides medically supported detoxification services to  persons who are at risk of severe withdrawal symptoms.  Five beds are provided for men and women who meet the admission criteria for uncomplicated detoxification.

Uncomplicated means there are no co-morbid medical conditions being experienced by            the client that would require, or potentially require acute medical care.  By means of medical screening, clients needing, or at risk of needing more intense levels of medical care are referred to services in a hospital setting. 

Substances we would propose to detox are those, which produce dangerous withdrawal syndromes once physiological dependence develops. They include alcohol, sedative/hypnotics and anxiolytics.  Withdrawal from narcotics is not generally considered dangerous (except for pregnant women), but does entail significant suffering that can be markedly reduced with symptomatic treatment.

The common method of treatment in all cases is substitution of a long-acting medication for short-acting drugs of addiction.  The principles of a safe withdrawal plan include the substitution of a long acting, cross-tolerant substance and the gradual tapering of that substance, no more than 10-20% per day, depending on the substance abused by the client.

Fairview MSD staff includes the medical director, Lianter Albert M.D. and Lisette Deramee RN, BSN, Nursing Director.   Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Licensed Addictions Counselors and Psychiatric Aides make up the overall staff.

Fairview MSD meets all DHH/OAD, Federal and State regulations applicable to a medically supported detox program.   

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            Fairview is located at 1101 Southeast Boulevard in Bayou Vista, Louisiana.  Southeast

Boulevard intersects U.S Highway 90 2 miles west of the Atchafalaya River Bridge in Morgan City.  LA 70 is highway into the area from the North.  It intersects U.S. 90 in Morgan City.  Persons traveling from the Baton Rouge Area may find LA 70 a more direct route.  U.S 90 intersects I-10 in Lafayette on the west and in New Orleans on the east.