Southern Oaks Addiction and Recovery Treatment Center & Starting Point Detoxification Unit

Services Provided:

Southern Oaks Addiction Recovery (S.O.A.R.) has been established to serve those citizens of northeast Louisiana who have a problem with alcohol or drugs. S.O.A.R. offers a safe and supportive atmosphere to begin the journey of recovery from chemical dependency -- a disease that is primary, chronic, progressive and fatal, if left untreated. The staff at S.O.A.R. recognizes that this disease affects the entire family. A family program has been designed to assist family members or significant others in their recovery. We offer gender specific therapy groups.

S.O.A.R. offers two separate inpatient treatment programs: (1) Starting Point is a 10-bed medically supported detoxification program dedicated to offering a safe and supportive atmosphere for individuals withdrawing from alcohol and other drugs. (2) S.O.A.R.’s 21-25 day rehabilitation program is for those individuals already detoxed and referred from other facilities. Rehabilitation involves the whole person in a holistic approach. Mentally our clients are given education on the disease of addiction. Spiritually they are asked to redefine and discover a sense of a power greater than themselves. Physical, social and recreational skills are revitalized and emotions are dealt with and expressed in group interaction. Continuing care planning is also an essential component of each individual’s treatment.

Starting Point Detoxification offers 24 hour admission capabilities on a first serve basis. All applicants will be screened to determine their appropriateness for admission.

Admissions to our 21-25 day rehabilitation program are through referral from other treatment facilities. Individuals who are interested in services are encouraged to call Single Point of Entry, Monroe Alcohol and Drug Abuse Clinic at (318) 362-5188.

 S.O.A.R. operates under the auspices of the Office for Addictive Disorders, Department of Health and Hospitals. S.O.A.R. is a state supported facility and fees will be assessed on a sliding fee scale. No one will be refused services due to an inability to pay.

Contact Information

(318) 362-5430
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