Cannibas Program

Can I start distributing my product in Louisiana once I send in an application, before my product has been registered?

Without the Certificate of Consumable Hemp Product Registration (FD-8a), no person may distribute any consumable hemp product in the state of Louisiana, unless the case that a firm submits product labeling and supporting documentation for review to the department and does not receive a response from the department within 15* business days of that initial submission. In this case, the product may be sold on the 16th business day by any permitted wholesaler or retailer until the submitting party receives notice in writing from the Department that the product in question is applicable for or rejected for registration. Once the submitting party receives comment on their submission, the 15* day period starts over.

If the Department sends a request for more information on a product submission and does not hear back in 15* business days, the Department will close the file.

* This period excludes weekends, legal holidays, and state office closures.

What is the renewal period for registered products?

All products must be renewed between July 1 and August 15 of each year, regardless of when the initial product was registered (i.e. even if you registered your product April 15, 2024, you must submit this product for renewal between July 1, 2024 and August 15, 2024).

Can I score a gummy so that each scored piece contains less than 8 mg of THC?

No. As per LDH Rule published June 26, 2023, “... an individual unit shall constitute a single serving and shall be separate and unattached to other units within a package. Thus, multiple servings shall not be combined and subject to scoring or separating in order to product a single serving.”

Why can’t my product label’s QR code/URL address lead to a dropbox/google drive/etc. to store my COAs?

The scanning machine that is used by ATC to open product label’s COAs cannot access files located in file hosting services. It is also prohibited to upload files in a file-sharing program to the portal.

Can I get a COA for an isolate batch and then add flavoring to these batches to create final products?

No. COAs are needed for all final products. We will not accept a product that does not have a COA for that final product. If you get a COA for the isolate and a COA for the flavoring, and then mix them together, this product will not be subject for registration, as the COA is not for the final product.

Do I need to submit 2 COAs for the same product packaged in two different size packs (a pack of 5 and a pack of 10)?

No. You do not need to submit 2 COAs if you have the exact same product in two different quantity packs. You do need to submit 2 separate COAs if you have the product in a flavor variant (a pack of cherry flavor gummies and a pack of grape flavor gummies). For products that are packaged with multiple flavors in the same package, you need a COA for each flavor included in the package.

My firm just changed its mailing address, do I need to update LDH with this information?

You must update your firm’s account in the LDH portal with your correct address as soon as possible. If you do not update your address in the portal, you may be missing vital correspondence from LDH.

Seven of my 10 products are approved for registration on the portal, why haven’t I been invoiced for them?

All products included in your submission need to be approved for them to be invoiced and put on the registry. In a submission of 10 products, if 7 are accepted as is to be put on the registry and 3 need changes, the 7 that are accepted will not be provided with an invoice or put on the registry until the 3 unaccepted ones are updated with all requested changes.