Medicaid Purchase Plan

How do I qualify for the Medicaid Purchase Plan?

To get health coverage through Medicaid Purchase, you must:

  • Have a severe disability that matches Social Security standards
  • Work;
  • Be at least age 16 but not yet age 65;
  • Have countable income below the program limits;
  • Have countable assets under $10,000; and
  • Take other health insurance coverage, if offered at no expense to you. 

What are the benefits of the Medicaid Purchase Plan?

This plan gives full medical coverage that includes:

  • Prescription drugs      
  • Hospital care
  • Doctor services      
  • Medical equipment and supplies    
  • Medical transportation

 Please note that prescription drugs are not covered by Medicaid if you also have Medicare.

How do I apply for the Medicaid Purchase Plan?

Visit the Medicaid Self-Service Portal to see all the ways you can apply. 

What are assets when being considered for the Medicaid Purchase Plan?

Assets are things like:

  • Bank accounts;
  • Stocks, bonds, and other cash resources;
  • Cars, trucks, boats,  and other vehicles;
  • Property, including heir or estate property; and
  • Anything else you own.

Your home and one vehicle are not counted. 


How much income can I have?

Your countable income must be under the MPP program limit. Click here for the income limit chart.