Engineering Operator Certification

What are the Steps to Become a Certified Operator?


  • You must have a high school diploma or valid GED. 
  • You must have the necessary experience and education to become certified. (See FAQ or publication "How do I get points?"
  • You must apply to take an examination for Operator Certification. Applications are due no later than thirty (30) days before the date of the exam.
  • You must pass the exam.
  • You will be sent a notice of results of your exam for Operator Certification.
  • If you have the necessary Experience and Education and you passed your exam you may apply for your license using the online portal or by printing off a certificate application from our website and mailing it in along with the fee.
  • Online application for certification can be found through this link: ONLINE APP AND PAYMENT
  • Paper application for certification can be found through this link: PAPER APP

When I Pass an Exam, Am I a Certified Operator?

Congratulations on passing your exam(s).

After receiving notification that you have passed an exam you must then apply and pay for the license fee to obtain that license. 

  • Online application for certification can be found through this link: ONLINE APP AND PAYMENT
  • Paper application for certification can be found through this link: PAPER APP

What If My Education and Experience Points Are Not Correct?

If you believe you do not have all the points for the education and experience you can complete the Education and Experience Update Form. 

This form can be obtained here: EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE UPDATE FORM

EDUCATION: can only be updated if we receive your college transcripts, military DD214 and any trade or technical education that you wish evaluated. Simply writing your education is not sufficient. 

EXPERIENCE: Be sure to thoroughly describe all current/prior positions applicable to water and wastewater certification. The form MUST be signed and it MUST include dates in order to determine experience points. 

How Do I Get Points Towards Certification?

Go to the following publication for a full explanation on how points are calculated.

How Do I Get Points?

How Long is an Examination Test Score Valid?

Examination scores are valid for two years from the date that you take the examination. After two years, your exam results are no longer valid.

Will Class 1 & 2 Training Count Towards Class 3 & 4 Licenses?

Class 1-2 courses count toward hours for licenses for Class 3-4 because Class 1 & 2 information is part of the Need-to-Know for Class 3 & 4. The Class 1-2 course does NOT, however, count as an allowable course for testing for Class 3-4. You must take a Class 3-4 course in order to take a Class 3-4 exam.

Is There an Application Fee for Processing Applications?

At this time there are no fees for processing applications. There are fees for exams, licenses and replacement Certificates and IDs.

What is the Fee for Taking an Examination?

Currently, there is a charge of five ($5) dollars per test. This is due at the exam site after you have completed your exams. 

Payment is accepted via credit card, check, money order, and cash.

What is The Fee for Obtaining a License?

The first water certification is $20. Each additional water certification is $10. If you hold all three water certifications (Treatment, Production and Distribution), the current initial certification cost would be $40.

$20 + $10 +$10

The first wastewater certification is $20. An additional wastewater certification is $10. If you hold both wastewater certifications (Treatment, Collection), the current initial certification cost would be $30.

$20 + $10

If you are seeking both water and wastewater certification, the fee is $20 for the first of each. Each additional would be $10.

$20 + $20



What is the Fee for Renewing Certifications?

The renewal fees are the same as the initial certification fees. These fees are paid every two years.

What is the Fee for Duplicate/Replacement Certificates and IDs?

Five ($5) dollars. Just send in the fee with a letter for the appropriate request addressed to the attention "Operator Certification" at the following address:

Mailing address:

Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals
Office of Public Health - Operator Certification Program
P.O. Box 4489 Bin #10 Box #6
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0629



How Can a Course Be Approved for Operator Certification?

Submit a completed Course Approval Form to the Certification Training Officer with attachments as necessary with the following information:

1. Subject(s) to be covered.

2. Time to be spent on each subject.

3. Categories of certification to be covered (form has box to circle all that apply).

4. Instructor qualifications (Certifications held, education, experience, etc.)

It is normally best to send a separate agenda which supplies the information in 1 & 2 above.

What are the Requirements of a Sponsor of a Course to Ensure That Operators Receive Proper Credit for Approved Training?

The original sign-in sheets must be mailed no later than 30-days upon completion of the course. The mailing address is:

Attention: Training Officer
DHH/OPH/Operator Certification
Post Office Box 4489 Bin #10 Box #6
Baton Rouge, La 70821-4489

If any person does not attend the complete approved course, the instructor is required to submit a summary form for the course which details how many hours each individual attended.