Commercial Body Art

As an operator or manager, how often must I refresh my training?

CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens/Disease Transmission Prevention training documents must be renewed prior to the expiration date provided on the card or certificate, depending on the course provider. Front and back copies of current training cards must be submitted along with the application. We do not accept cards or certificates that do not bear an expiration date. We do not accept online training for any course except Bloodborne Pathogens/Disease Transmission Prevention.

I am working out-of-state as a tattoo/permanent makeup artist or body piercer. What are the requirements for me to move to Louisiana and operate in an existing business?

Verify that you have current-year certificates from an approved trainer in First Aid, CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens/Disease Transmission. Download a copy of the FD-56 Application for Operator Registration (located here). Complete the application form and send the form along with copies of the training certificates and an appropriate remittance (check or money order payable to DHH--$100 for operator, $200 for manager, $300 for both).

Is there some kind of fee schedule that I could see for CBA operations?

Sure, it's available on Page 309 of Part XXVIII, but here is a brief summary:

Registrant/Purpose of registration    Initial Fee    Renewal Fee
Facility owner    $1,000    $500
Operator (Artist/Piercer)    $100    $60
Manager    $200    $150


What if I am an in-state operator and I wish to perform CBA at a temporary event or festival?

A resident wishing to perform at a temporary event or festival must comply with the requirements of § 109A of Part XVIII of Title 51 of the Louisiana Administrative Code (found here) and hold a Certificate of Registration as an Operator or Manager. The fee for such a booth is $100. Booths/trailers used for this purpose must be inspected by a sanitarian or contractor affiliated with this office prior to use.

What if I am an out-of-state operator and I wish to perform CBA at a temporary event or festival?

A nonresident who wishes to work at a temporary event must comply with all requirements of § 109A of Part XVIII of Title 51 of the Louisiana Adminstrative Code (found here). The fee for such a booth is $250 per event. Temporary registrations are valid for a maximum of 14 consecutive days from the date of issue and must be posted in an area that is conspicuous to the public. No operator or group of operators will be issued a temporary registration prior to inspection of the booth/trailer by a sanitarian or contractor affiliated with this office.

What if I want to open my own CBA facility in Louisiana?

Complete an FD-55 Application for Facility Registration (located here), and, if appropriate, an FD-56 Application for Operator Registration for yourself. If you will be an owner and operator/manager, you are not required to pay an operator/manager fee for yourself, only the requisite owner's registration fee. If you will be hiring operators to work at the facility, ensure that they complete FD-56 applications and provide you with copies of their current training certificates in First Aid, CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogens/Disease Transmission from a DHH-approved training provider. Contact the regional FDU sanitarian who covers your parish (go here to find out which sanitarian covers the parish in which you will be operating your prospective establishment) to arrange for a preoperational inspection of the proposed facility. The sanitarian will collect your paperwork and fees during that inspection or a subsequent site vist, depending on whether the facility meets Part XXVIII requirements.

Is it legal to peform tattoo removal services at a commercial body art facility?

The short answer is NO

Tattoo removal is accomplished in several ways. The most common of these is the application of medical laser devices over a period of several treatment sessions. Other methods include surgical excision and treatment of the affected area with acids or salts. All of these procedures are considered to be medical procedures that fall outside of the scope of commercial body art and cannot be performed by anyone who is not a board-certified physician. Tattoo removal by non-physicians in Louisiana is a violation of the criminal code.

See this position statement by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners regarding the use of medical lasers.