Does a trained operator have to be present at all times when tanning equipment is in use?

Yes. If you operate a 24-hour fitness facility or a beauty salon and you do not have trained operators present during all hours of operation, you must have some method of securing tanning facilities at times when operators are not present. If you operate a tanning facility, a trained operator must be on the premises during all hours of operation.

How do I know when it's time to change my lamps?

Use the guidelines provided by the equipment manufacturer. Also, you can purchase light meters from your installer, maintenance provider, or a third party that will allow you to determine what luminosity is being provided by the lamps currently installed.

I don't have a large amount of storage space at my salon. How long do I have to keep client records on file?

Consent forms and acknowledgements must be kept indefinitely on premises. Records of exposure times, equipment used, and dates of client visits must be kept on premises for six years.

If I buy my tanning equipment used, do I still have to have documentation regarding exposure times and compatible lamps?

Yes. As the operator, you are responsible for obtaining from either the previous owner or the equipment manufacturer a certification label providing this information. Otherwise, the equipment will be deemed unsafe for use and your permit may be subject to suspension or revocation.

If I have a tanning bed in my house, am I required to obtain a registration?

Only if you use the equipment for commercial purposes. If you allow clients to use the equipment in exchange for money or goods, you must register as a tanning salon. However, as a private citizen, you are free to purchase and use tanning equipment for personal use.

If I own a tanning salon, am I required to have a training certificate?

Only if you are also an operator. If you are an off-site owner or you will have employees acting as operators, then you are not required attend classroom training. If you will be an owner/operator, then you must have and post a training certificate.

If I work at a tanning salon and move to a competitor's business, can I take my training certificate with me?

Yes. The certificate provides no benefit to your former employer, as the certificates are transferrable to different employers but not to other employees.

What is the fee for a tanning facility registration?

The initial registration fee is $150. Renewals (which are processed on a fiscal-year basis) are $110. Renewal notices are mailed approximately May 1 of every year and fees are delinquent on July 1.