LBHP - Provider Common Questions

Will my organization need to be credentialed by Magellan?

Yes, all agencies, organizations, individual professionals and group practice members must be credentialed by Magellan.

Will Magellan contact me regarding credentialing and contracting?

Yes, a Magellan network representative will contact providers who are currently providing services to Louisiana recipients, to discuss credentialing and contracting.

Whom can I contact with questions about credentialing and contracting?

You may call a Magellan network representative at 1-800-788-4005, or send an e-mail to:

I already completed an LOI. Do I still need to complete the credentialing application?

Yes. The Letter of Intent (LOI) does not replace the credentialing application. You will still need to complete the appropriate credentialing application.

My colleague did not receive a credentialing application, but treats this population. How can they contact Magellan?

Please contact to request a credentialing application.

Our clinical staff that is responsible for delivering the majority of services are master’s level therapists, supervised by Licensed Mental Health Professionals. They meet current criteria to provide services to these Medicaid recipients. Will these master's level therapists be able to become credentialed by Magellan to continue providing services to Medicaid recipients after March 1, 2012?

In cases where there are non-licensed, Master’s level therapists providing approved services, Magellan will credential the Organization itself- rather than each individual clinician.

Do I need to sign a contract with Magellan?

Yes, if you provide state-reimbursable services within Louisiana, you will need to have a contract with Magellan as of the start date of March 1, 2012. Once Magellan receives and processes your credentialing documents, they will contact you to begin the contracting process.

Does Magellan have a list of services to be provided and or billing codes for those services (Louisiana SMO) that you can send to me?

Magellan is in the process of finalizing the codes and services for each provider type. Reimbursement schedules with this information will be sent out with your contracting packet.

Are LPC’s now eligible to provide services to Medicaid recipients?

The State of Louisiana has applied for a waiver from CMS to allow for inclusion of LPC’s (and LMFT’s) to serve certain populations within this program. We anticipate final approval from CMS shortly. We are approaching this network development from the perspective that these providers will be able to participate.

Will Magellan have provider trainings? If so, when?

Yes. Magellan will host a number of trainings for providers, with the first series beginning in December. Magellan will send additional correspondence related to the training dates and times in the near future. At the initial training, Magellan will provide an overview of their implementation plan. More detailed technical training on authorization and claims submission will occur early in 2012 to allow adequate time for transition prior to March 1st 2012

What will be the average turn around time from the day you receive a clean claim to the date/ payment is made and released?

Magellan is committed to processing claims within prompt payment standards established by applicable federal or state law, or as required under our provider agreements. Magellan strives to process 99 percent of all claims within 30 days of receipt, or within the time period required by applicable state regulatory standards and customer contractual agreements. Of the 99 percent in 30 days, on average Magellan will process about 93 percent in 10 business days.

Will you accept electronic claims?

Magellan offers many options for claim submission, including on paper, through a clearinghouse, and by direct submit /electronic data interchange (EDI). Information on the direct submit process and signing up for testing is available on under the “Getting Paid” section. Providers are encouraged to register for direct submit claims process as soon as possible.

What can I do now to prepare for the March 1, 2012 start date?

Complete the credentialing application; provide a contact e-mail address and stay tuned. Magellan will provide updates as details are finalized around next steps.