My Place Louisiana - Developmental Disabilities

What is My Place Louisiana?

Under the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, My Place Louisiana helps adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities transition out of facility settings into the community to live more independently in their own homes.  My Place Louisiana uses Medicaid funds that would have paid for eligible individuals to receive care in a nursing home, hospital, or other qualified facility and uses those funds to help establish them in home and community based services.


Is Money Follows the Person (MFP) the same thing as My Place Louisiana?

The Money Follows the Person (MFP) Rebalancing Demonstration (the Demonstration) is a Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) grant designed to help states try new ways of delivering Medicaid services.  In Louisiana, the MFP Demonstration is called “My Place Louisiana” which helps people move, or "transition", from qualified institutions into a family home or community-based living setting, such as a house or an apartment.  Louisiana is participating with 41 other states, along with two territories, American Samoa and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  All states are working toward the same goal of finding ways to assist people using Medicaid long-term care services to live where they want to live and to receive the support and services needed. 

What are the goals and purpose of My Place Louisiana?

The goal of My Place Louisiana is to empower adults and children with disabilities and their families to live full and rewarding lives on their own terms, while ensuring that they have the resources and support they need to thrive in the community.

What are the eligibility requirements for participations in My Place Louisiana?

To be eligible for My Place Louisiana with OCDD a person must:

  • Qualify for Mediciad*
  • Qualify for an OCDD waiver*, such as: New Opportunities Waiver (NOW), Residential Option Waiver (ROW) or Children’s Choice Waiver (CC);
  • Currently reside in a nursing facility, an intermediate care facility, or a hospital, for at least 60 consecutive days
  • Be transitioning into the community, and
  • Complete the My Place Louisiana Informed Consent (IC) form with a trained IC administrator.

*As determined by Louisiana Medicaid

What assistance and benefits may participants receive through My Place Louisiana with OCDD?

Below are examples of assistance that will be available for people participating in the My Place program either pre-transition or during the demonstration period (first 365 days post-transition):

Pre-Move Supports:

  • Community Living Training and Assistance - Funding for pre-move activities, transportation, securing housing, identification documents, or essential items to ensure a sustainable transition.
  • My Place Transition Coordinators - Coordinators work alongside participants provide support during the transition planning phases, by  collaborating with Support Coordinators (SC) Pproviders, and natural resources to ensure a sustainable transition into the community.

  • Facilitated Family Communication - Family counseling for caregivers and siblings of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities moving home from nursing facilities, ICFs/DD, and hospitals.
  • Health Care Communication - Providing individuals who do not speak English and/or who use American Sign Language as primary communication interpreters who can assist in communication.
  • Direct Support Workforce Specialization Training - Specialized Training for providers and support agencies including Positive Behavioral Supports or Medical / Nursing/ Physical Supports.  Email  to request specialized training and availability.

These pre-move services are designed to enhance the individual’s quality of life and promote their well-being while living independently in the community.  The specific services provided can vary based on the individual’s needs and the available resources in the community.

Post-Move Supports:

  • My Place Transition Coordinators - Available during transition planning and for 365 days following the transition by collaborating with Support Coordinators (SC)  Providers, and natural resources to ensure a sustainable transition into the community.
  • Post Move visits - My Place Transition Coordinators will visit individuals once they have transitioned to determine if planned services are being received and to assist SC and provider, should any problems arise that could result in re-institutionalization.
  • Transition Maintenance - Funding for post-move activities specifically related to achieving goals or accessing services in the plan of care. Transition Maintenance will only be used when no other resources are available and/or when available resources have failed to address the barrier.


What is needed for participation in My Place Louisiana?

The participant, or their legally authorized representative must:

  • Meet all program eligibility requirements;
  • Qualify for My Place Louisiana;
  • Sign the Informed Consent Form(s) for program participation; and
  • Participate in all transition planning.


How does someone enroll in My Place Louisiana?

If an individual is in a qualified institution and receives a waiver offer they should contact the My Place Program Manager, Scott Tuma, or call (225) 342-0095.

Parents of children (before the child's 21st birthday) in nursing homes or hospitals should contact Krista Tipton, or call (318) 422-6152 to see if their child is eligible for the My Place Louisiana program.

Is My Place Louisiana only for people who need housing or additional things outside of waiver services?

No, the My Place Louisiana program is not exclusively for individuals in need of housing.  While finding suitable and accessible housing is one aspect of the program, My Place Louisiana is designed to assist individuals transitioning from institutional settings to community-based living.  The program addresses a range of needs beyond housing.  Its goal is to provide the necessary resources and support to help individuals live safely and independently in the community rather than in institutionalized settings.

The services offered through My Place Louisiana are tailored to the individual’s specific needs, and the program aims to enhance the overall quality of life for those making the transition.  Housing is just one component of the comprehensive support provided to facilitate successful community living. My Place Louisiana can offer assistance in locating housing to assist institutionalized individuals in applying for Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), the Section 811 Project Rental Assistance Programs and other resources that may be available.

Is there a cost for participants enrolled in My Place Louisiana?

There are no direct costs for participating in the OCDD My Place Louisiana program, though eligibility criteria, specific services covered, and funding details can vary.


How do I contact the My Place Louisiana Staff?

Contact us:

My Place Program Manager: Scott Tuma, (225) 342-0095

My Place Program Monitor:  Krista Tipton (Children in Nursing Facilities or Specialty Hospitals), (318) 422-6152.


What if I have additional questions about My Place Louisiana?

Fill out the contact form here.