Requests for Information/Innovation/Offers

August 12, 2021
The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) is gathering information to review options to support the shortage of clinical staff in Louisiana hospitals. Through this RFI, LDH is seeking information from hospitals regarding their ability to provide inpatient hospital services, emergency room/department services, and hospital outpatient MAB infusion treatment if additional clinical staff were to be provided to the hospitals by LDH.
July 20, 2021
This Request for Information (RFI) is issued for the purpose of seeking an organization to gather information from storytellers, marketing/PR firms, organizations with communications and community engagement experience and expertise, and organizations with experience and expertise in technological communications and community engagement in Louisiana. This information will be used for future work on the provision of cost-effective structure or policy to identify accessibility needs and recommendations to implement needed accessibility solutions during legislative hearings at the Capitol.
June 11, 2021
The Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Public Health, STD/HIV/Hepatitis Program issues this Request for Information (RFI) with the intent to determine interested and qualified companies, individuals, etc. who show a demonstrated capacity to provide the activities related to the prevention of STD, HIV and Hepatitis infections, the provision of medical and social services, as well as clinical services and treatment for persons affected by STDs, HIV and/or Hepatitis, and for monitoring those epidemics over time.
May 14, 2021
This RFI is issued for the purpose of gathering information, including cost projections, from qualified entities who demonstrate the ability to provide services related to invoicing, collection, and processing of monthly premium payments for LAP and FOA.
April 01, 2021
This RFI is issued for the purpose of gathering information from qualified Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities (ICF/IIDs) in Louisiana to serve 23 individuals with high risk behaviors and complex behavioral support needs.
March 06, 2021
This RFI is issued for the purpose of gathering information from marketing/PR firms, community organizations, photographers, videographers, artists/illustrators, storytellers, website design specialists, marketing/PR firms, and firms with canvassing and phone/text banking experience/expertise (including data analytics/targeting), and organizations/firms with experience/expertise in conducting rapid research especially in underserved communities to help the State (1) continue to raise awareness about COVID-19, its negative impacts and the everyday actions and residents should take to protect themselves and their loved ones, and (2) build awareness, knowledge and trust in the COVID-19 vaccines-particularly among those who have been underserved historically and affected the most by the coronavirus.
March 01, 2021
This RFI is issued for the purpose of gathering information and cost information from qualified companies, individuals, etc. who demonstrate the capacity to provide sequencing services to the State of Louisiana.
December 23, 2020
This RFI is issued for the purpose of gathering information from qualified hospitals in Louisiana that can demonstrate their ability to provide additional bed capacity for COVID patients and other public-health emergency (PHE) related surge medical needs over and beyond the capacity currently being staffed and operated by the hospitals, if additional medical and support staffing were supported from LDH.
December 22, 2020
The purpose of this solicitation is to seek a single contractor that can provide a comprehensive, independent, turn-key operation, inclusive of an Incident Management Team (IMT) managing all medical and non-medical components specifically related to medical treatment, and for Medical Staff teams to staff Statewide healthcare systems for a period of thirty (30) or more days, the duration of which shall be defined at the time of activation of the Medical Staff.
July 06, 2020
The purpose of this RFI is to seek responses from organizations that have market-ready innovative and inventive solutions to improve Medicaid member communication and engagement.