Behavioral Health

October 06, 2004
The Department of Health and Hospitals' Office for Addictive Disorders will host a community meeting about the Access to Recovery Grant Friday, October 8 from 9:30-11:00 a.m. at the West Shreveport Library on Pines Road. Potential providers such as faith and community-based caregivers are welcomed and encouraged to participate in this community meeting. At the meeting, representatives of the Louisiana Office for Addictive Disorders will provide an overview of the electronic voucher system, discuss, and seek community input regarding a pricing structure for treatment and recovery support services (i.e., transportation, housing, job readiness training, and child care).
September 02, 2004
The number of people affected by drug and alcohol use disorders is at a crisis-level throughout the United States. What is most troubling is that many of these people are not receiving the help they need to beat these addictions.
August 05, 2004
When a person has a mental health problem, chances are increased that he may also have a problem with substance abuse. And the same goes for those individuals suffering from an addiction, who have a greater likelihood of having an underlying mental health issue.
August 05, 2004
The Department of Health and Hospitals, Office for Addictive Disorders, in partnership with WeRecover Louisiana, is hosting community meetings for area residents to discuss strategies to help combat drug and alcohol addiction.
July 12, 2004
Houma – The Tallulah Mental Health Center located at 1012 Johnson has been closed temporarily due to a fire. Until the building can be repaired and reopened, services are being provided at 1401 Johnson Street.
June 28, 2004
Baton Rouge – The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals --- Office for Addictive Disorders is sponsoring public forums throughout the Acadiana-region of the state.
April 29, 2004
Baton Rouge --- The Department of Health and Hospitals – Office of Mental Health is hosting a two-day conference to foster discussion on how to help homeless people who have a mental illness stay out of jail.
March 05, 2004
Baton Rouge--- One of Louisiana’s most serious public health issues can be found among slot machines, lottery tickets and the bright lights of casinos. A 2002 Study of Problem Gambling conducted through the Department of Health and Hospitals, Office for Addictive Disorders estimates there are as many as 126,000 problem and pathological gamblers in Louisiana who could benefit from services aimed at curbing their addiction to gambling in any form, including card and dice games, betting on animals or sports, playing the lottery, casinos, bingo, slot/gaming machines, wagering on the stock market and pull tab/paper games.
February 26, 2004
Houma – The Terrebonne Mental Health Center, located at 500 Legion Ave., remains temporarily closed. Patients who are clients of this clinic and who have appointments now are being seen by doctors and nurses at the Terrebonne Addictive Disorders Clinic. This is located next door to the mental health clinic at 521 Legion Ave.
July 10, 2003
Baton Rouge – The Department of Health and Hospitals’ Office for Addictive Disorders is inviting people throughout the state to a series of community meetings that address the issue of addiction. The goal of the meetings is to design strategies to combat alcoholism and drug dependency.