To: Louisiana Employees whose state offices have been closed due to Hurricane Katrina.
From: Commissioner of Administration Jerry Luke LeBlanc:

“I want to reassure all state workers whose offices have been closed because of the storm that you are still employed by the State of Louisiana.

Civil Service rules allow for special leave for workers in dire circumstances such as these. In fact, an initial leave through September 30th is already in effect for state employees whose workplace has been closed as a result of the storm.

Paychecks will be sent in the normal manner to those workers where conditions allow. In areas where delivery has been disrupted, paychecks will be held for you by the payroll office of your department.  In such cases, you are asked to call the payroll office of your department in Baton Rouge to make arrangements to receive your paycheck.  You can also log on to the Civil Service website for specific telephone numbers and additional information.

Arrangements are being made to restore or relocate state offices in those areas severely impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Stay in touch with your department in Baton Rouge and monitor local media for updates.

This is a difficult time for all of us. A great many Louisiana citizens need state services now more than ever before. Working together, we will rebuild and restore Louisiana.”