Sen. Joe McPherson announced today the central legislative delegation has chosen its consortium members and the first meeting of the Central Louisiana Health Care Consortium (Region VI) will convene on Tuesday, Sept. 21. Forty-eight members have been chosen for this consortium, which services a eight-parish region (Vernon, Rapides, Winn, Grant, Avoyelles, LaSalle, Catahoula, and Concordia).

The consortium meeting will take place at the Huey P. Long Hospital in Alexandria. The meeting will begin at 5 p.m.

The meeting agenda includes election of a chairperson and other officers, and a presentation on the Governor’s Health Care Reform Panel and Regional Consortium, the roles and responsibilities of the consortium, other organizational business and scheduling of future meetings.

“The citizens from Central Louisiana responded very enthusiastically to the call to become involved in the health care reform effort,” Senator McPherson said. “I am pleased by the response. Since citizen input is an integral part of our efforts to reform health care in Louisiana, I expect our first meeting to be well attended, and for the discussion to be lively.”

More information about the activities of the Central Louisiana Health Care Consortium, and other regional consortia throughout Louisiana, can be found on the Department of Health and Hospitals’ Web site at Minutes from each consortium meeting will be posted on the Web site.

WHAT: First meeting of the Central Louisiana Regional Consortium
WHEN: Tuesday, September 21st @ 5 p.m.
WHERE: Huey P. Long Hospital
Contact Information:  Senator Joe McPherson

Region 6 – Central Louisiana Health Care Consortium
Belle Bailey
Huey P. Long Medical Center
5114 Alex Drive
Alexandria, LA  71303

Karen Brown
Pinecrest Developmental Center
521 Pinecrest Dr.
Pineville, LA  71361

A.C. Buchanan, CEO
Rapides Healthcare System
P.O. Box 30101
Alexandria, LA  71301

Richard C. Bushnell
Methodist Conference Center
195 Rand Road
Woodsworth, LA  71485

Mark Julian Cole
Central Louisiana State Hospital
P.O. Box 427
Ball, LA  71405

Sister Mary Coleman
St. Mary's Residential Training School
P.O. Box 7768
Alexandria, 71306

R.T. Courtney, M.D.
211 4th St.
Alexandria, LA  71301

Colleen Dunstane
502 W. Shore Drive
Alexandria, LA  71303

Marvin H. Easley
M.H. Easley & Associates, LLC
1006 Calais Circle
Alexandria, LA  71303

Randolph J. Fisher
P.O. Box 12395
Alexandria, LA  71315

Christy Frederic
P.O. Box 4658
Pineville, LA  71361

Michael E. Geissler, Administrator/CEO
Crossroads Regional Hospital
110 John Eskew Dr.
Alexandria, LA  71303

Christopher L. Lee, M.D.
Chief of Surgery
Huey P. Long Medical Center
P.O. Box 5352
Pineville, LA  71361

Shahid Mansoor, M.D.
211 4th St.
Alexandria, LA  71301

Jim Morgan, Administrator
Huey P. Long Medical Center
352 Hospital Blvd.
Pineville, LA  71360

Joan G. Manuel
104 Park Place Drive
Alexandria, LA  71301

Rosia G. Metoyer
Sickle Cell Anemia Research Foundation, Inc.
910 Papin St.
Alexandria, LA  71302

Kimberly M. Moulard, RN
632 Maryhill Rd.
Pineville, LA  71360

David M. Mulcahy
5733 North Drive
Alexandria, LA  71315

Lois J. Normand
104 Barron St.
Pineville, LA  71360

Dena A. Norton, Col.
Cenla Nursing Workforce Coalition
1101 Fourth St., Suite 301
Alexandria, LA  71315

June Peach
The Management Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 12957
Alexandria, LA  71315

Deborah Randolf
Christus Health
3330 Masonic Drive
Alexandria, LA  71301

Carrie Elizabeth Reed
1974 Highway 115W
Bunkie, LA  71322

Joseph Rosier, Jr.
The Rapides Foundation
1101 Fourth Street, Suite 300
Alexandria, LA  71301

Christopher J. Rich, M.D.
3351 Masonic Drive
Alexandria, LA  71303

Wendy Roy
Cenla Medication Access Program
1101 Fourth St., Suite 101A
Alexandria, LA  71301

Benjamin L. Sandifer
Catahoula Parish Hospital District #2 Medical Center
1001 Oak  Street
Jonesville, LA  71343

Melba F. Simmons
P.O. Box 299
Bunkie, LA  71322

Allen Smart
The Rapides Foundation
1101 Fourth St., Suite 300
Alexandria, LA  71301

Paul E. Smith
American Nephrology Nurses Association
6228 Coco Drive
Alexandria, LA  71303

Mathilde Bradford
Diplomat in Clinical Social Work
5807 Joyce St.
Alexandria, LA  71302-2510

Bobby Jordan
Chief Executive Officer
Winn Parish Medical Center
P.O. Box 152
Winnfield, LA  71483

Mignonne F. Ater, MSN, RN
Campus Dean, LA Tech College - Shelby Jackson Campus
2100 N.E. E. Wallace Blvd.
P.O. Box 1465
Ferriday, LA  71334

Velma Fletcher
P.O. Box 874
Montgomery, LA  71454

Christina Norris
Tribal Chief of the Jena Choctaws
P.O. Box 14
Jena, LA  71342

Keith Ashby
6421 Moody Oaks Lane
Alexandria, LA  71301

Dorothy Oliver
Executive Director
LaSalle Community Action Association
P.O. Drawer 730
Harrisonburg, LA  71340

Patricia Jones
Executive Director
Allen Council on Aging
602 E. Fifth Ave.
P.O. Drawer EL
Oakdale, LA  71463

Charles Coker
575 Harper Rd.
Hineston, LA  74138

Reverend Gregory Mills
1776 Marye St.
Alexandria, LA  71301

Ray Moreau
137 Ivy Lane
Pineville, LA  71360

Joe Fuller
Rapides Parish Councilman
P.O. Box 1150
Alexandria, LA  71309

Billy Rucker
Riverland Medical Center
1700 N.E. E. Wallace Blvd.
Ferriday, LA  71334

Nell Young
5222 Raphael Dr.
Alexandria, LA  71303

Dr. Harris Poret
c/o Josie Yoset
1872 Highway 1075
Cottonport, LA  71327-4022

Representative Monica Walker
State Representative
P.O. Box 467
Marksville, LA  71351

Representative Lelon Kenney
State Representative
P.O. Box 485
Columbia, LA  71418