Baton Rouge --- A deadly virus is spreading statewide.  According to the Louisiana HIV/AIDS Program Office, new cases of HIV/AIDS were detected in 62 of the state’s 64 parishes in 2002. Thirty-two percent of these newly detected cases were females and 74 percent were African Americans. 

Perhaps the scariest statistic is that an estimated one-third of Louisianians who have HIV/AIDS do not know they have the disease. And the possibility a person could be living with HIV in this state is high --- Louisiana ranks eighth among highest AIDS case rates per state. Two metropolitan areas, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, were ranked as seventh and 19th respectively on a listing of AIDS case rates in the nation’s large cities. 

“While these statistics are alarming, we do know that a good way to prevent the spread of the disease is to have people get tested so that if they are HIV-positive, they can take precautions against infecting others,” said Secretary David W. Hood. “Also, once patients are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, health professionals can begin to work with them to treat the illness. I hope everyone who might be at-risk for AIDS will take advantage of the national testing day to learn more about the illness and have this important test conducted.” 

Test sites throughout the state will offer expanded testing and on-site hours on June 27 for National HIV Testing Day. Sites in different regions are listed below. 

For an expanded list, or to receive more information about the testing, contact the Louisiana Statewide HIV/AIDS hotline at 1-800-99AIDS9 or 1-800-992-4379 or (504) 821-6050. 

Orleans Parish
Brotherhood, Inc.
1661 Canal St. #3230, New Orleans
Contact Person(s): Don Evans/ Lisa Berry 
Ph 504-566-7955    fax 504-566-7956

Testing Site 1: Armstrong Cafe & Bar (Club/Bar)
822 N. Rampart, New Orleans 
(Across from Armstrong Park)
Contact Person: Don Evans
Phone: 504-566-7955
Time: 6pm-10pm  

Testing Site 2: Society Page (Club/Bar)
542 N. Rampart, New Orleans 
(Across from Armstrong Park)
Contact Persons:  Don Evans/Lisa Berry
Phone: 504-566-7955                                 
Time: 6pm-10pm

3201 General De Gaulle Dr.,  Algiers
Contact Person(s): Sheila Taylor/Dimitre Blutcher
Ph 504-364-1950    fax 504-364-1964

Testing Site 1: N’R PEACE (Office)
2727 Louisa St. Ste. #5, New Orleans 
(in the 9th ward)
Contact Person(s): Sheila Taylor/Gail Collins
Phone: 504-948-3537                                       
Time: 10am-3pm

Testing Site 2: N’R PEACE (Office)
3201 General De Gaulle Dr., Algiers
(on the West Bank)
 Contact Person(s): Sheila Taylor/Dimitri Blutcher
Phone: 504-364-1950     
Time: 10am-3pm

 St. John #5 B. C./Camp ACE
3635 Hamburg St., New Orleans
Contact Person: Tamachia Davenport
Ph 504-283-7376    fax 504-283-7378

Testing Site 1
: Camp ACE (Office)
3635 Hamburg St., New Orleans
(Across from the St. Bernard Project)
Contact Person: Tamachia Davenport
Phone: 504-283-7376
Time: 11am-7pm

 Positive Health
7078 Read Blvd.,  New Orleans
Contact Person(s): Sharon Howard/Galintha (Gee) Harden
Phone: 504-283-7376
Ph 504-240-1113/240-1115
fax 504-240-1117

Testing Site 1Plaza Mall (Shopping Center)
5700 Reed Blvd., New Orleans
(inside the plaza, near the food court)
Contact Person: Galintha (Gee) Harden
Phone: 504-240-1113/240-1115                
Time: 11am-8pm 

Testing Site 2: MHM Services Inc (Office)
7078 Read Blvd., New Orleans
(in New Orleans East)
Contact Person: Sharon Howard
Phone: 504-240-1113/240-1115                
Time:  9am-10:30am

Odyssey House
1125 North Toni St., New Orleans
Contact Person: Flavia Lancaster
Ph 504-821-9211 ext.43
fax 504-821-0500

Testing Site 1: Odyssey House (In-patient Housing Facility)
1125 North Tonti St., New Orleans
(near Esplanade Ave.)
Contact Person:  Flavia Lancaster
Phone: 504-821-9211   ext.43
Time:  10:00 AM-4:00 PM

 NO/AIDS Task Force (CAN Project)
507 Frenchmen St., New Orleans
Contact Person: James Swire
Ph 504-945-4000    fax 504-943-4688

Testing Site 1
: CAN (Office)
507 Frenchmen St., New Orleans
(Near the French Market/Quarters Area)
Contact Person: James Swire
Phone: 504-945-4000                                           
Time: 12pm-6pm

Testing Site 2: Bourbon Pub (Club/Bar)
801 Bourbon St., New Orleans
(In the French Quarters)
Contact Person: James Swire
Phone: 504-701-3312                                            
Time: 6pm-8pm

Testing Site 3: The Country Club (Club/Bar) *will also conduct free Syphilis Testing
634 Louisa St., New Orleans 
(in the 9th ward)
Contact Person: James Swire 
Phone: 504-701-3312
Time: 5pm-7pm

 NO/AIDS Task Force (Main Office)
2601 Tulane Ave. Ste. 500 New Orleans
Contact Person: Jean Redmann          
Ph 504-821-2601    fax 504-821-2040

Testing Site 1: NO/AIDS Task Force (Office)
2601 Tulane Ave. Ste. 500New Orleans
(near Tulane and Broad)
Contact Person: Jean Redmann
Phone: 504-821-2601                     
Time: 6pm-7:30pm

Women with a Vision (WWAV)
2601 Tulane Ave Ste. 301New Orleans
Contact Person(s): Deon Haywood/Franda Thomas
Ph 504-827-2880    fax 504-827-2883

Testing Site 1: B. W. Cooper (Calliope) Housing Development (in the R.V.)
The R. V. will be located at MLK and Gales
New Orleans (Uptown New Orleans)
Contact Person(s): Deon Haywood/Franda Thomas
Phone: 504-827-2880                    
Time: 4pm-6pm

Testing Site 2: In the Community (in the R. V.)
The RV will be located at Freret and Washington Ave. near Shakespeare Park
New Orleans (Uptown New Orleans)
Contact Person(s): Deon Haywood/Franda Thomas
Phone: 504-827-2880                     
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

 Great Expectations
2020 Jackson Ave. Ste. #100,  New Orleans
Contact Person: Michael Hickerson
Ph 504-598-2229 ext 111     fax 504-598-6962

Testing Site 1: Great Expectations Foundation, Inc.
2020 Jackson Ave., New Orleans (Uptown)
Contact Person: Operator (will forward you to Staff)  
Phone: 504-598-2229 ext 102
Time: 9am-4pm

 F.A.C.E.S./Children’s Hospital
3308 Tulane Ave Ste. 600,  New Orleans
Contact person(s): Oscar Salinas/Claudia Medina
Ph 504-821-4611   fax 504-822-2084

Testing Site 1: Village de Lest 
“The Garifuna Community”
5200 Cannes St., 
New Orleans (New Orleans East)
Contact Person: Oscar Salinas 
Phone: 504-821-4611                                             
Time: 6pm-8pm

Region 1

Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority (JPHSA)
3101 W. Napoleon Avenue Suite 226, Metairie
Time:  12-4 PM

Whole Health Outreach (WHO)
Testing @ Nunez Community College
3710 Paris Road, Chalmette
June 26, 2003
10:00 AM -2:00 PM
For more information contact: Mary Calabresi at 504-271-9110

Region 2

Family Service of Greater Baton Rouge
4727 Revere Ave., Baton Rouge
(225) 927-9810   Fax: 225-927-9810
Time:  10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Baton Rouge Black Alcoholism Council-Metro Health Education Program
950 East Washington Street, Baton Rouge
(located in the Dr. Leo S. Butler Community Center)
Contact Person:  Shirley Lolis
Phone:  225-338-9333    Fax:  225-338-9962
Time:  10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Baton Rouge AIDS Society
4550 North Blvd., Suite 101, Baton Rouge
Contact Person:  Arnold Johnson
225-923-2437  Fax: 225-926-7837
Beginning June 25-29
Time:    5:00 – 7:00 PM (Wednesday – Friday)
             1:00 - 5:00 PM (Saturday)
7:00 - 9:00 PM (Sunday)

June 27, 2003
Testing Site 2
George’s Place
860 St. Louis Street, 
Baton Rouge
10:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Testing Site 3
2183 Highland Road, 
Baton Rouge
(225) 242-0401

Region 3

Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center (SWLAHEC)
1125 Marguerite Street, Morgan City
For Testing Events please call:
Contact Person:  Tony Rodrigue
(985) 385-5333

N’R Peace
813 Belanger Street, Houma
For testing events please call:
Contact Person:  Dawn Campbell
(985) 223-2920

Region 4

Acadiana CARES
203 W. Third Street, Lafayette, LA
For testing Events please call:
Contact Person:  Aline Labbe
(337) 233-2437

Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center (SWLAHEC)
103 Independence Blvd., Lafayette
For Testing Events please call:
Contact:  Harold Paul (337) 989-0001

Region 5

Southwest Louisiana AIDS Council (SLAC) 
1715 Common Street, Lake Charles
Contact Person:  Marilyn Dunn

Site # 2
DeRidder Addictive Disorders Clinic
105 W. First Street, DeRidder
6:00 – 7: 30 PM
June 19, 2003

Site # 3
Abraham’s Tent
2300 Fruge Street on Highway 90 Access Road off 1-10
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
June 24, 2003

Site # 4
Southwest Louisiana AIDS Council (SLAC)
1715 Common Street, Lake Charles
5:00 – 8:00 PM
June 25, 2003

Moss Regional Medical Center
1000 Walters Street, Lake Charles
June 27, 2003
10:00 am- 2:00 pm

Crystal’s Bar
112 W. Broad Street, downtown Lake Charles
June 27, 2003
11:00 pm – 2:00 am
For more information, contact Marilyn Dunn at SLAC

Region 6

Central Louisiana AIDS Support Services (CLASS)
103 Bolton Avenue, Alexandria
11:00 am – 7:00 pm
For more information contact:  
Ann Lowrey

Region 7

Region VII Louisiana HIV Prevention Community Planning Group will participate in National Counseling and Testing Day by testing at the following locations:

Premier Care and Learning Center, Inc.
2110 Hollywood Ave., Shreveport
8:00 4:00 PM
Contact:  Rosie Ashley

The Philadelphia Center
2020 Centenary Street, Shreveport
2:00-4:00 pm
Contact:  Ken Beatty

YWCA of Northwest Louisiana
700 Pierre Ave., Shreveport
4:00-6:00 PM
Contact:  Janet Coon

Region 8

Greater Ouachita Coalition Providing AIDS Resources and Education (GO CARE)
707 Jackson Street, Monroe, LA
318-325-1092 or 1-800-286-1092
For a list of all testing sites, please contact Richard Womack

Region 9

Dr. Theodore Robinson Foundation
1029 Poplas Street, Bogalusa
Contact Person:  Dr. Q. Humbles