Baton Rouge – State health officials have concluded laboratory testing to analyze the contents of two letters discovered Wednesday and Thursday in Lake Charles. In both instances, the green leafy material found in letters mailed to the Mayor’s Office and the Chamber of Commerce has tested negative for any bio-hazardous substance. Final confirmatory testing was completed over the weekend by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

Officials with the Department of Health Office of Public Health notified the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness and Louisiana State Police of these test results. LDH also contacted the 11 individuals who were exposed to the letters, and reported the test results. These individuals had been monitored by health officials for more than 75 hours since they were exposed. No adverse health effects were witnessed or reported.

Federal postal workers were also notified of the negative results. LDH/OPH infectious disease epidemiology officials had been in contact with postal officials since Friday.